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STEP prevents physical strain in a wide variety of industries including construction, transport, service and healthcare. It is the solution to reduce absenteeism due to physical strain.

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About Us

Don’t try to solve the symptoms of overstain, solve the cause!

That’s what we found out as physiotherapists thirty years ago. We have to address the cause: strain in everyday activities and unsafe body-use during work, at home and everything in between. We enable people to solve their own problems through practical explanations, giving them the ability to avoid setbacks in their recovery and preventing future strain injuries.

Our History

Since 1987 STEP Netherlands has been in the market of ergonomics and lowering physical strain in the workplace for businesses and organizations. Throughout the years STEP has gathered extensive knowledge and experience in the prevention of physical strain in relation to a wide variety of industries.

Our Vision

The main cause of strain injuries is unsafe use of the body during work and private life. We teach people how to use their body in a safe way, preventing setbacks in recovery, by sharing our knowledge, training tools and abilities. Helping others to help themselves is what motivates us.